What goes together better than good food and good beer? This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone is joined in the studio by some of the gang over at Blind Tiger: Jen Schwertman and Tommy Harder. Tommy is the chef at the iconic NYC craft beer bar, and he's in the studio talking about beer and food pairings. Find out where to use beer in your home cooking in place of wine! Tommy also offers some culinary suggestions about beer styles and their flavor profiles. How do they heighten the taste of food? Rodger Davis calls in to chat about opening his brewery for Faction Brewing in California. Hear how Rodger connected with Captain Lawrence's Scott Vacaro, and learn about the legal difficulties that come with opening a new brewery. Tune in to hear the gang talk about the beer scene out in California; why are so many restaurants in California turning into multi-tap bars? Find out on this episode of Beer Sessions Radio! This program has been brought to you by GreatBrewers.com.


"Ommegang is kind of crazy because they will add other flavors during the brewing process- coriander seeds, spices, etc." [46:00] -- Tommy Harder on Beer Sessions Radio