On today's episode of Chef's Story, the guest is none other than Bobby Flay - food personality, celebrity chef, and restauranteur. Host Dorothy Cann Hamilton takes us through the beginnings of Flay's career, from working as a busser, to getting his first start in the kitchen, going to the French Culinary Institute, and eventually becoming the chef and TV personality he is now. Learn what propelled Bobby into the food industry, and how he feels the TV and media industry has influenced his career. Although the media has brought Bobby much success, he explains that he always looks towards his being a chef first, and that his passion for food has only grown tremendously as a result. Tune-in to hear from one of the most popular chef's in the media today! This program has been sponsored by Fairway Market.

"I was surrounded by great cooks - and that's how you learn. That's how you learn how to cook." [14:40]

"The people in the industry that do know me know exactly what I do everyday. I am a cook first. Always." [21:10]

"Just as I build the layers in my dishes, I build the layers of my career the same way - very slow." [42:33]

-- Bobby Flay on Chef's Story