This week on Eat Your Words, host Cathy Erway welcomes Robert Sietsema, author of the new book "New York in a Dozen Dishes." Winding his way through the history of New York's great dishes, each chapter is dedicated to a specific dish, and the best places in the city to eat it. From the coal-fired pizza pies of a thriving Little Italy to the slice joints of a burgeoning rock 'n' roll East Village as well as the evolution of New York fried chicken from Harlem's spare, ancient style to the battered-and-brined birds of hipster Brooklyn, Robert shares his foodie foray throughout the city to find the city's most elusive and interesting foods! After the break, Robert and Cathy talk about the food writing realm and how the 'age of foodism' has changed it all. Tune in for a great show! This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.



"If you keep an eye on the immigrant community, especially the ones that have arrived most recently, they're introducing food that will be seen in the mainstream twenty, thirty years later." [2:50]

"Bushwick is fantastic. We have more taquerias here than anywhere else in the city. We have casual, fun hipster restaurants... I worry that too many restaurants are now mainly alcohol oriented." [29:00]

--Robert Sietsema on Eat Your Words