Noah Arenstein is highlighting Jewish food with sandwiches with Scharf and Zoyer. This week on Hot Grease, Nicole Taylor sits down with Noah to talk about the definition of 'global Jewish sandwiches' and his obsession with burgers. Find out how Scharf and Zoyer differs from other Jewish delicatessen food, and why Noah intends to focus less on meat in his sandwiches. How is Noah adapting Thomas Keller recipes at Smorgasburg? Later, Nicole digs through the Hot Grease vaults and shares an interview with food writer Addie Broyles. Hear Addie and Nicole talk about the importance of supporting women food celebrities, and how one White House cook helped promote civil rights. This program has been sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons, and music has been provided by The California Honeydrops.


"There's such variety of what you can even call 'Jewish', but a lot of it melds together in a lot of obvious ways." [12:10]

-- Noah Arenstein on Hot Grease

"If we talk about trends all day long, we'll forget where we come from." [31:00]

-- Addie Broyles on Hot Grease