Rachel Wharton is suspiciously absent today on Meet Your Maker, but co-host John Taggart takes the reigns and sits down with Damian Higgins AKA DJ Dieselboy. Dieselboy is a Drum and Bass DJ with an intense passion for food. Tune into this episode to hear Damian and John discuss the food that they grew up on, and how their palates have refined since those days. Hear Damian talk about his favorite food cities, and how his schedule as a DJ allows him to eat out in most towns where he plays. Damian also talks about his new-found love for drinking vinegars, and how he hopes to make his own delicious vinegars. What's Damian's signature cocktail? Find out on this week's episode of Meet Your Maker! This program has been brought to you by White Oak Pastures.


"It all comes down to what inspires you, and what makes you passionate, and I'm really passionate about good food." [22:10] -- Damian Higgins on Meet Your Maker