Today on The Farm Report, Erin Fairbanks talks to Erin Grimley and Steve Blabac of the Root Down Farm. The Root Down Farm is located in western New York, serving the greater Buffalo area as a mixed-vegetable C.S.A. farm. Now in its second Year, the Root Down Farm has doubled its C.S.A. membership! Tune in to hear about how Erin and Steve met working on C.S.A. farms in the northeast, the some of the trials of their first season, and their future plans for the Root Down Farm. This episode is sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"When I graduated I realized I wanted nothing to do with my marketing degree. I decided I wanted to put my efforts to some sort of non-profit endeavor...and I found farming." -- Erin Grimley on The Farm Report

"Because we had such a harsh spring last year, we're confident that we will be able to adjust to whatever comes our way this year instead of worrying about making the right decision." -- Steve Blabac on The Farm Report