Tasty tomatoes year-round? This week on The Farm Report, Erin Fairbanks is joined in the studio by Lucky Lee of Lucky's Real Tomatoes. Tune in to hear Lucky talk about her family's history in the tomato business. What makes Lucky's tomatoes stand out? Find out why restaurant groups like the Union Square Hospitality Group prefer Lucky's. Lucky's has been ahead of the curve in the areas of traceability and quality for decades! Listen in to hear Erin and Lucky talk about the local food movement, and how it sometimes falls short for the needs of chefs. How did Hurricane Sandy affect Lucky's farms? Find out on this week's installment of The Farm Report! Thanks to our sponsor, Hearst Ranch.

"What makes our company different- and our tomatoes different- is that they are all from the United States, they're all grown in the ground, and they aren't picked until they are almost ripe." [3:50]

"Whenever you start fooling around inside of a tomato, you take away part of the reason why you might want to eat it." [10:50]

-- Lucky Lee on The Farm Report