On today's THE FOOD SEEN- Gaby Dalkin of the profoundly popular blog, WhatsGabyCooking.com- takes us through her time working as a personal chef for Jessica Simpson, to her much-publicized Slutty Brownies (which made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno), and now, her first cookbook, Absolutely Avocados, a compendium of recipes past the traditional guacamole (NOTE: there are 8 awesome iterations of new guacs if you're wondering). Avocado-coconut ice cream, anyone? Thanks to our sponsor, Fairway Market, and thanks to Cookies for today's music.


"I think the Southwestern style of food, mixed with a little California cuisine, lends itself to the kind of food I like to cook, which is super simple, and sometimes very indulgent." [5:45]

"Personal chef-ing is really interesting because you're invited into other people's families." [9:00]

-- Gaby Dalkin on THE FOOD SEEN