On today's THE FOOD SEEN, Anne Valette and Tenaya Da Silva come to proliferate the states as ambassadors for REVOL porcelain, an 11-generation, family-owned business that has shaped the way we serve food since 1789. Handmade in Southeast France near Lyon, they've reinvented the traditional cocotte, and imagined new forms like their crumpled tumbler. What tablewares will they think of next? This episode has been brought to you by The International Culinary Center. Thanks to Cookies for THE FOOD SEEN theme music.


"It's absolutely non-porous... It's much better for food production to have a material that won't absorb any bacteria or fat." [4:20]

-- Tenaya Da Silva on THE FOOD SEEN

"The ramekin for your soufflé or creme brulee- these are very much in the French tradition, and that's where REVOL started." [11:25]

-- Anne Valette on THE FOOD SEEN