This week on Chef's Story, Dorothy Cann Hamilton sits down with Jacques Torres, also known as "Mr. Chocolate". Jacques is a master pastry chef, and a teacher of the pastry arts. Tune into this episode to hear Jacques talk about competing in pastry and becoming a Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF). Dorothy and Jacques discuss the differences between culinary and pastry cooking, and the types of people who become pastry chefs. Hear Jacques talk about his experiences cooking for Pope John Paul II, and why he decided to leave the kitchen and start a chocolate shop. Now, Jacques has chocolate stores in locations such as Dumbo, Downtown Manhattan, Chelsea Market, and more! Listen in to hear more about Jacques' entrepreneurial spirit and his sense of accomplishment. This episode has been sponsored by 360 Cookware.


"I love to use the techniques from another professions in what I do- like the molding from a dentist to make sugar, for example. [17:45]

"The French think if you add more butter, you make things better!" [40:30]

"Don't have a huge ego. After all, we just play with food." [45:00]

-- Jacques Torres on Chef's Story