On this week's episode of Hot Grease, Nicole Taylor is tackling the Food Headlines solo. Learn why you shouldn't eat salad from a bag, and hear about the nighttime farmer's market up in Harlem! Later, Nicole welcomes Jackie Gordon to the studio! Jackie is a chef, chocolate professional, and a singer/songwriter who writes songs about food. Hear Jackie talk about her travels and life in Australia, and why she got in trouble for tweeting about cruise ship food. Hear some of Jackie's songs about fried chicken, cooking naked, and cheese! Why did Jackie decide that removing gluten from her diet was a good decision for her? Find out on this week's Hot Grease! This episode has been brought to you by White Oak Pastures.


"People who love chocolate get very emotional about chocolate, so the songs are going to have those things in them. Then, I match chocolates to songs that people know because I want them to remember something about the chocolate." [19:05]

-- Jackie Gordon on Hot Grease