This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale sits down with Food & Wine's Executive Wine Editor, Ray Isle. Prior to joining Food & Wine in 2005, Ray was managing editor of Wine & Spirits. He has also worked in sales and marketing for a wine importer, and taught fiction writing at Stanford University. Ray's articles about wine, food, and spirits have appeared in a wide range of publications including Wine & Spirits, the Washington Post, Martha Stewart Living and Gastronomica. He has been nominated for a James Beard Award, the highest honor for food and beverage professionals in the U.S. Ray regularly conducts wine-tasting seminars at Epicurean events throughout the country and abroad and appears as a wine and spirits expert on national television. Tune into this week's program to hear Ray talk about his transition from the world of academia to writing about wine and food. Find out how Ray's experiences in Northern California inspired him to work in vineyards during harvest season. How did Ray's experiences in wine production inform his writing? Later, tune in to hear discussions regarding Ray's recent trip to Portugal. Find out about the different wine regions in Portugal, and why the nation should be known for more than just port! This program has been sponsored by Music has been provided by Obey City.


"Having worked on the business side and production side of wine, it's really nice because I get this whole picture. If I think back, I can still smell the pinot noir grapes in the MacroBin!" [9:00]

"Some of the small artisan importers that usually bring in off-beat European wines are starting to pick up on some of these unique Australian wines." [26:40]

-- Ray Isle on In the Drink