This week on The Farm Report, Erin Fairbanks is joined by wealth of guests to discuss the issue of hydraulic fracturing, better known as hydrofracking. Erin talks with Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez and Alissa Westervelt of Chefs for the Marcellus, a group of New York City chefs and food purveyors raising awareness about the harmful health effects of fracking. Joining via the phone lines is Greg Swartz of Willow Wisp Farm, talking about how hydrofracking circumvents the Clean Water Act via exceptions granted by the Bush-Cheney administration. Also calling in is Luce Guanzini of Highwood Farm. She discusses the "No Surface Rights" lease that prevents gas companies from entering private properties. How do these technologies impact our food systems? This episode has been brought to by Hearst Ranch.

"It [fracking] directly impacts our watershed. You can't do anything without water, namely grow food. It doesn't relegate itself to farm-to-table...but it really affects everything - industrial food and fast food." --Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez on The Farm Report

"If hydrofracking safe, why do they need an exemption from basic environmental legislation?" --Greg Swartz on The Farm Report