Harold McGee joins Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez in the studio for today's edition of Cooking Issues! Harold and Dave team up to tackle some listener questions regarding circulators, food aroma, fruit preservation, and more! Why does orange juice taste so terrible after brushing your teeth? Tune into this episode to hear the cast discuss the nuances of different condiments: ketchup, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, and mustard. What brands are preferred? Find out why mustard oils in the United States don't pack the punch of their overseas counterparts. Learn how to foam pre-made whiskey sours, and the best way to grill zucchini! Thanks to our sponsor, Underground Meats. Break music provided by Alan Wilkis.


"Salt will actually help move aroma out of a food and into the air because it makes the food more polar and electrically charged, and then it pushes the scent out." [6:00]

"If you did a side-by-side test of ascorbic acid and honey to inhibit browning in fruit, I would suspect you would get better results from the ascorbic acid." [20:15]

-- Harold McGee on Cooking Issues