On this week's episode of Hot Grease, Nicole Taylor delivers her food headlines and is talking with Nathalie Wiesner of The Stand NY. The Stand is a lemonade stand at Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg that not only specializes in lemonade, but jams, syrups, cocktail fixings, and garnishes! Tune in to hear Nicole and Nathalie discuss the spotlight on the Brooklyn artisanal food scene and the processes involved with up-scaling a small business. Nicole and Nathalie also talk about cocktails for the upcoming Kentucky Derby, as well as Cinco de Mayo. Hear as they make a hibiscus margarita on air. This program has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.

"The garnishes are one of my favorite parts [of the Stand], I think it's something really different than what other people are making. I have a fine arts background, so to me, the experimentation is really what I love. Once I get something down to the way I think it's perfect I think, 'Alright, what's my next thing going to be?' That's the fun part to me." -- Nathalie Wiesner on Hot Grease