Patrick Martins is in his element on this week's installment of The Main Course; he's talking meat with a few Southern guests. Scott Roberts is the co-author of The Salt Lick Cookbook, and owner of Austin, TX's famous barbecue joint, The Salt Lick. Tune in to hear Scott discuss The Salt Lick's family roots, and what makes his barbecue so unique. Hear about Scott's interest in gastronomy, and how that affects his culinary outlook. Later, Patrick calls up Simone Reggie and Seth Hamstead of the New Orleans butcher shop Cleaver & Co. Find out why New Orleans was in desperate need of a nose-to-tail butcher, and learn about Cleaver & Co.'s in-house whole animal butchering. How do New Orleaneans celebrate Thanksgiving? Listen in to hear Simone and Seth talk about the importance of knowing their farmers, and the best way to sell less desirable cuts of meat! This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods.

"Any dish is just as good as the person that makes it. If you care about something, you can make a great dish. If you don't care about, I don't care what the recipe is, it's not going to be that good. That's one of the things that goes into the barbecues of my father, his family, and all of our employees..." [10:30]

-- Scott Roberts on The Main Course