What beverages are you serving to your family and friends during the holidays? Not sure yet? Well, tune into this episode of Hot Grease to learn about hard cider and the Mason Shaker! Nicole Taylor talks with Ezra Sherman of Eve's Cidery about bottle fermentation, cider and food pairings, and the stigma of cider in the United States. Hear about some different cider varieties, and why cider shares many similarities with wine. Later, Nicole chats with Eric Prum, one of the minds behind the Mason Shaker. Mason Shaker launched a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign where they raised over seventy-thousand dollars! Hear how Eric and his business partner, Josh, came up with the idea for the Mason Shaker bartending in college, and why it's important that the product is made in America. Listen in to hear Eric shout out some of his favorite NYC cocktail spots! This program has been sponsored by White Oak Pastures.




"There's as much difference in ciders as there are in varieties of grape wine." [6:20] -- Ezra Sherman on Hot Grease

"It's been really rewarding to focus on local and American manufacturers because you can really establish some great relationships with some hard-working people." [17:00] -- Eric Prum on Hot Grease