Welcome to a very special episode of The Farm Report. This week, Erin Fairbanks is recounting the events that led her to Heritage Foods USA and the Heritage Radio Network.org. Hear how Erin's college job in Zingerman's deli inspired her to pursue a career in food. Hear how Erin went from working in kitchens at Savoy and Gramercy Tavern to organizing a farm camp at Flying Pigs Farm. Later, Erin talks about the No Goat Left Behind program at Heritage Foods USA, and what it means for small dairy producers and goats alike! Learn about the mystery of the commodity market, and why so much goat meat is imported to the United States. Finally, Erin talks celery root and squash with Liz Carollo for the GrowNYC Market Update! This episode has been sponsored by The Heritage Meat Shop.

"One of the things that I'm trying to do with this show is to demystify the agriculture process for urban constituents."

-- Erin Fairbanks on The Farm Report