On this week's episode of The Main Course, host Patrick Martins is talking with Damian Sansonetti, Executive Chef at Bar Boulud, about timing in the restaurant business. Damian and Patrick talk about the timing of a dinner at Bar Boulud. From drinks to dessert, Damian reviews all of the steps that goes into a meal- as well as the time that each step takes, and what that means in terms of food production. Damian and Patrick go behind the scenes and talk about timing in the kitchen; hear about all of the different restaurant staff, their job descriptions, and how long their respective jobs take. Bar Boulud is also in a unique position because it is so close to many theaters in Lincoln Center. Hear about how Damian and the rest of the staff make sure that customers get to the show in time while maintaining the highest quality food and service. Tune in to learn more about the role of time in terms of different food products such as meat, fish, wine, and cheese. As Damian's time at Bar Boulud comes to a close, hear about his future plans in Maine, and how he hopes to be a mentor for young chefs. This episode has been sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"Everybody thinks that executive chefs and chefs de cuisine don't cook, but I think now in our business, a lot more of us do cook. And part of that is because we got in this business because we love it, and we love to cook food. It's those days when you're doing those non-cooking things when you want to be in the kitchen."

-- Damian Sansonetti on The Main Course