On this week's installment of The Morning After, chef Amanda Freitag takes the reins for a vacationing Jason Colucci. Amanda hosts a packed house of awesome food guests! Elizabeth Falkner is perhaps best known as the former executive pastry chef and owner of Citizen Cake, and former executive chef and co-owner of Orson in the Bay Area. But Elizabeth is on today's show to talk about her move to Brooklyn, and the opening of her new restaurant, Krescendo. Hear Amanda and Elizabeth talk food education, and why the Brooklyn food scene continues to flourish. Amanda is also joined by Rick Mast and chef Vesa Parviainen of Mast Brothers Chocolate. Hear what Mast Brothers has in common with homebrewing, and how American craft chocolate has taken over the world. Finally, Amanda chats with Nancy Olson, the executive pastry chef at Gramercy Tavern. Nancy discusses some of her favorite seasonal pastry ingredients, as well as the importance of consistency at a high-volume restaurant like Gramercy Tavern. This episode has been brought to you by Fairway Market.

"I feel like the public is a lot more educated because of the media attention food has been getting over the past ten years." -- Elizabeth Falkner on The Morning After