Today on The Main Course, Patrick Martins rings in the new year with Chef de Cuisine of Lupa, Cruz Goler. Lupa was Heritage Foods USA's first customer back in 2004, and it's all coming full-circle on today's show. Also in the studio is Matthew Allen of Babbo! Learn how Lupa's kitchen operates- from cooking to food expediting. Tune in to hear about the new Lupa expansion in Hong Kong, and how the restaurant's food differs overseas. Where does Lupa in Hong Kong get their ingredients? Listen to this episode to hear Cruz talk about the average day of a chef, and working in an ever-changing restaurant environment. Learn about cooking pasta, and the finesse it takes to make great noodles consistently. This episode has been brought to you by Tekserve.

"People who work in pasta- I feel like it takes at least six months to really flourish and consistently put out product that is good and nuanced with everything I am looking for." [26:30]

-- Cruz Goler on The Main Course