On today's episode of The Main Course, host Patrick Martins is joined in the studio by Denny Abrams. Denny is best known for the creation of the Fourth Street Shops in Berkeley, California, but also has been involved in the building of three radio stations in the United States. Tune in to hear Patrick and Denny discuss the importance of public spaces in urban development, and why local economies benefit from sound urban design. Why are streets so important to democracy? Listen in to hear Patrick and Denny discuss the best neighborhoods in the country, and what features make them so distinctive. Learn more about young people's fascination with urban authenticity. Later, Patrick calls up Miles from Jupiter in Berkeley to discuss the restaurant's operation, as well as the public's opinion of San Francisco. This episode has been sponsored by White Oak Pastures.

"The street is the expression of real democracy. The street belongs to everyone."

"Oakland is very much like Brooklyn- local businesses are paramount to the local economy."

-- Denny Abrams on The Main Course