The Main Course returns post-Sandy to bring you the best in food news and culture! On today's episode, Patrick Martins recaps Heritage Radio Network's coverage of Superstorm Sandy, and the storm's effect on the food world. Patrick is joined in the studio by Caitlin Robin of Grape and Grain and Against the Grain bar, as well as Sam Richman of Gran Electrica and Dinner at 525. Tune in to hear discussions concerning ethnic cuisine, and how it becomes part of the fine dining lexicon. Hear how restaurants like Momofuku and Del Posto paved the way for different cuisines to be considered part of the upper echelon of food. Sam recounts his travels in Mexico, and talks about how Mexican cuisine can really be judged based on ingredient quality. Learn where to get the best tortillas in New York City! This program has been sponsored by Fairway Market.

"The immediate thing that people can do right now is go out and support businesses below 39th Street in Manhattan- neighborhoods in Brooklyn, and neighborhoods in Staten Island- and spend their money there." [11:20] -- Caitlin Robin on The Main Course

"The way has been paved for a myriad of cuisines to be done at a really high level... But it will be interesting to see what will be the next cuisine that is not French, Italian, or Japanese that will get a four star review in The Times." [31:00] -- Sam Richman on The Main Course