Italian food is every food. This week on The Main Course, Patrick Martins is joined in the studio by Tomas Curi, chef at Corsino in The West Village. Learn why Tomas decided to go into food and hospitality, and hear what chefs instilled him with kitchen skills and ideals. Patrick and Tomas chat about home cooking in New York City, and why Tomas' hometown of Houston, Texas is the epitome of the American melting pot. Tomas talks about his time learning to cook in Italy, and why Italian food is so universal. Why is eating horse an acceptable practice in Italy? Hear some of the parallels between cooking and jazz! Later, Patrick calls up Allan Benton to talk about the history of American curing. Find out why Allan began using quality pork for his bacon and hams instead of feedlot animals. This episode has been sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.

"Nothing can prepare your for cooking in a restaurant other than cooking in a restaurant." [7:50]

"There's a way to get every flavor profile with what Saxelby has, so why not (use American cheeses)?" [23:45]

"Jazz is kind of like food; you have to start with basics. You need to know your scales, but from there, you can open it up." [29:10]

-- Tomas Curi on The Main Course