Patrick Martins is exploring American and Mexican traditions on this week's episode of The Main Course. Do you think you could survive pre-Industrial Revolution? Tune into Patrick's introduction to learn about the link between survival skills and the mission of the Heritage Radio Network. Later, Patrick talks with Sam Edwards of S. Wallace Edwards & Sons about his family business's 87 years of ham-curing tradition. How did The Fancy Food Show push Edwards' products into the spotlight? Hear about the Virginia terroir, and how Sam deals with food safety regulators on a daily basis. Later, Aaron Bullington joins the show to talk about the unique tortillas that he uses in his San Francisco burrito stop, Burr Eatery. Hear how Aaron took three years to recreate the flavors and textures of authentic Mexican tortillas. What's the secret ingredient in Aaron's recipe? Find out how Burr Eatery educates consumers about pasture-raised meat through its delicious dishes! This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods. Thanks to Pamela Royal for today's music.


"It's amazing to me that those who have been in the food world for a long period of time, we all know each other or someone who knows them. When we all get together, it's great to push ideas back and forth and come up with something new." [9:30]

"The peanut-fed hog sort of died out in the 1950s... They let the hogs run wild in the fields after the peanut harvest. They didn't have to feed them any corn or soybeans that they harvested, and it was a way to clean up the peanut fields." [18:30]

-- Sam Edwards on The Main Course