This week's episode of Hot Grease once again starts with Nicole Taylor and Heritage Radio Network's own Jack Inslee discussing food headlines. Would you wait in line for hours to go to a hot restaurant? Learn about the rising prices of groceries, as well as some food trends happening down in Atlanta, Georgia. Later, Nicole talks with Robin Shulman, author of a new book entitled Eat the City about food production in New York City. Robin talks about the food landscape in the city during the early 1900s, and why so many neighborhoods and areas reference a past in the food industry. Hear some unlikely stories about Jorge Torres' sugarcane in the Bronx, and the start of Willie Morgan's garden in Harlem. This episode has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.


"I started realizing that this garden that was really transforming my block, and other gardens that were springing up all over my neighborhood were coming into existence not just because people wanted to create something pretty, but because people wanted to actually produce food." -- Robin Shulman on Hot Grease