From the farm, to tables across the country! Farmer Lee Jones is Erin Fairbanks' guest on this week's installment of The Farm Report. Tune into this episode to hear Farmer Jones talk about the mission of Chef's Garden, and why it's important to grow food that chefs prefer in the kitchen. Hear about the heirloom varieties that Farmer Jones grows at Chef's Garden, and why it's necessary to grow certain crops to boost nutrient levels in the soil. Find out what celebrity chefs purchase from Farmer Jones, and why he harvests at eight different plant growth stages. Listen to Farmer Jones speak to the power of seasonality in terms of nutrition! This program has been sponsored by Seersucker/Nightingale 9.

"If you work in harmony with nature instead trying to outsmart it, the results can be incredible." [11:00]

"Chefs have taught us that at every stage of a plant's life offers something different to the plate." [26:30]

-- Farmer Lee Jones on The Farm Report