On this week's installment of The Main Course, Patrick Martins is talking about the beginnings of the Heritage Radio Network with the station's staff and supporters. In the studio today is Erin Fairbanks (Executive Director), Jack Inslee (President), Katy Keiffer (host of Straight, No Chaser), and Brian Kenny (Hearst Ranch). All of Patrick's guests have been involved with Heritage Radio Network since its inception; tune in to hear the crew recall some of their favorite moments at the station. Hear about the future of the network as a non-profit entity. Later, Patrick is joined by Clay Gordon, host of the new HRN show Straight From the Source and founder of TheChocolateLife.com. Tune in to hear Clay discuss fair trade certifications, cocoa cooperatives, and his origins in the business. Finally, Brian Kenny brings us out with some sweet guitar pickin'. This episode has been sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"In terms of what the radio network represents to me- it's like a beacon of freedom in programming and content development from a media perspective." -- Brian Kenny on The Main Course