Eataly is expanding to Chicago; tune into this week's episode of The Main Course to hear Patrick Martins talk meat and cheese with Eataly's cheesemonger and salumi buyer, Greg Blais. Find out how Greg defines 'cheesemonger' in 2013, and why Italy's cheese traditions reflect the influence of so many countries. How do FDA regulations affect Greg's buying processes. Learn why you should never mess with a classic like Iberico ham or prosciutto di Parma, and why Greg prefers heavily-aged hams. Find out how the Chicago Eataly location will reflect the surrounding immigrant populations. Americans have been updating European traditions for centuries; how will an Eataly in Chicago alter the city's food landscape? Find out all of this and more on this week's episode of The Main Course! Thanks to our sponsor, S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. Today's music has been provided by Obey City


"What's great about Eataly is that they allow me to support U.S. artisans. I have a lot of American cheeses at the shop." [14:05]

"I'm a believer that governance over foodstuffs is necessary, but I often question the motives... I question the motives of everything; that's why I'm a cheesemonger." [18:50]

"If I can sell you a six-year-old glass of milk, I'm doing pretty good!" [19:20]

"Being classic doesn't mean that it's passe." [27:35]

-- Greg Blais on The Main Course