This week on The Main Course Patrick and Katy discussed how to turn the "farm to fork" movement into a major shift from commodity food with Helene York of Bon Appetit Management Company. Ed Brown of Restaurant Associates also chimed in to discuss how green initiatives can help others do what he does: serve sustainable food to over 400,000 people a day nation wide. Aaron Oster of Salumeria Rosi brought and discussed some delicious cured meats, and had a heated discussion with Katy and Patrick about subtly moving people along during their restaurant experience to prevent unnecessary and borderline rude loitering. Rachel Saunders, Author of "The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook" discussed jams, jellies, berries and their hybrid cousin boysenberries. Finally Dana Cowin and Kate Krader of Food and Wine Magazine joined Top Chef judge Gale Simmons and Singapore food expert KF Seetoh for a discussion on food trucks, street food, and the definition of "Die Die Must Try". This episode was sponsored by Fairway: like no other market.