Kelly Geary has her hands in all sorts of "making" endeavors. She is perhaps best known for Sweet Deliverance, a company that prepares CSA shares to eat! Kelly is also the author of the amazing cookbook Tart and Sweet, and makes delicious jellies and jams. Recently, Kelly has been working with the Underground Food Collective in the Midwest, and has relocated to Madison, Wisconsin to help open a butcher shop. Tune into this episode of Meet Your Maker to hear Rachel Wharton, John Taggart, and Kelly discuss the benefits of starting your own food business, and the importance of evolving in the food world. Learn more about Kelly's jams- the processes she uses, and why she makes such small batches. Tune in to hear about the future of artisanal foodie mania - limited-run vinegars! Today's episode has been brought to you by Susty Party.

"My goals were different, I think [than most New York culinary enthusiasts]. I left my job and started Sweet Deliverance. It was just a way to incorporate my values, and do what I wanted to do and be in my own space."

-- Kelly Geary on Meet Your Maker