Jack-of-all-food-trades Daniel Meyer joins Helen Hollyman for this week's episode of U Look Hungry. Daniel is known for his recipe writing, his work in food policy and with Flying Pigs Farms, as well as his job assisting American food writer Mark Bittman. Tune into this episode to hear Daniel talk about some of his favorite cookbooks, and how they have earned that place on his bookshelf. Hear why walking through the aisles of the grocery store can be the best inspiration when developing recipes. How can you make your recipes more cookbook-friendly? Daniel shares some of his expert writing tips, and also talks about cookbooks as culinary relics. Daniel and Helen taste some delicious paw paw on air, and talk about the history of the strange American fruit. Tune in to learn about the New York soda ban, Prop 37 in California, and some recent studies about the nutritional benefits of organic produce. This episode has been sponsored by The Heritage Meat Shop.

"For somebody who writes a ton of recipes, I don't have a tremendous amount of cookbooks. I like owning them as objects and physically leafing through them, and I love the presence of them in my house and I love reading them in my kitchen, but I am not a voracious cookbook buyer."

"I'm always shocked by how many ideas I get by just looking at food... A lot of recipes are already in your head, you just need something to trigger it."

-- Daniel Meyer on U Look Hungry