Rachel Wharton and John Taggart are talking Mangalitsa pigs on this week's Meet Your Maker! Joining them in the studio is Michael Clampffer, Executive Chef and Vice President at Mosefund Farm in New Jersey. Michael uses Mangalitsa pork to create delicious foods such as charcuterie, sausage, and offal at Mosefund Farm. Mangalitsa pigs originally come from Austria, and are known for their creamy fat and red meat. Hear Michael describe his first experiences eating Mangalitsa pork, as well as some helpful cooking tips for different cuts from the pig. Rachel, John, and Michael taste some Mangalitsa collar on air, courtesy of Roberta's! Whether you're looking to grill or make some homemade sausage, Mangalitsa pork is a wonderful choice; pick some up at the New Amsterdam Market! This program has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch


"In the 1850s, they took a wild boar and a lard pig, and created a pig with lots of fat and rich red meat. So you full-flavored meat. It's not 'the other white meat' - it's 'the other red meat.'" -- Michael Clampffer on Meet Your Maker