This week on The Main Course Patrick and Jason are joined by guest host Todd Wickstrom of Rishi Tea. Together they talk about about brining meat, East v. West Coast food scenes, and how absurd pizza geeks can be with Chris Behr, formerly of A16 and now the man behind Brooklyn Larder. Later on they are joined by Katie Howard, producer of a new PBS show, ""What They're Eating in the Photograph", to talk about the intersection of art and food in photography, sculpture and other media such as edible installations. Then the crew takes a mid-day train to Georgia to talk with Olivia Sargeant of Farm 255 and who also runs their farm Full Moon Farms as well as several vegetable and meat CSAs. This episode is chock full of art-heists, road trips, Southern cooking, and yes, lard, so don't miss out, tune in to The Main Course. This episode is sponsored by Hearst Ranch.