Kansas City and its surrounding towns are at the center of animal genetic diversity in the food movement. On this week's installment of The Main Course, Patrick Martins talks with Jonathan Justus, the chef at Justus Drugstore. Tune in to hear Patrick talk about the food landscape hundred of years in the future. How will the restaurant scene change, and how will farmers and chefs interact? Later, hear Patrick and Jonathan talk about the terroir of Little Dixie, and the uniqueness of the area's flora and fauna. Listen in to hear Jonathan talk about how the events of World War II changed the role of pigs in our society. Find out what other chefs in the Kansas City area are cooking innovative and delicious food, and why Jonathan hopes to stay true to Midwestern food. This program has been brought to you by White Oak Pastures.

"The area where we live was formed by the edge of the last great glacier, and it was like a giant bulldozer... As the glacier receded, it dropped all sorts of stone and seed that were not from this area. There are flora that exist here that don't in any other places." [20:10]

"If you take out the squash, peppers, and corn, most of what we eat is not from here." [23:30]

-- Jonathan Justus on The Main Course