Patrick Martins chats with critically acclaimed chefs Mark Ladner and Brooks Headley of Del Posto on this weeks episode of The Main Course. Tune in for an all inclusive interview, spanning from their early culinary influences to their thoughts on modern cuisine and trends in the food world. Find out how becoming a 4 star restaurant changed their professional outlook, and what inspires them to continue honing their respective crafts. Hear how technology plays into their approach in the kitchen, including the recently addition of a "Super Freezer", that can keep foods at a completely fresh state for up to 6 months. Later on the show, hear from Katy Peetz, pastry chef at Roberta's who talks about her work revolutionizing the dessert menu at Bushwick's critically acclaimed restaurant. This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.


"[It's important] to rely on your palate instead of formulas and recipes."

"[On being a 4-star restaurant] It's pretty daunting to be honest with you. Very soon after receiving our 4th star, Brooks and I were so beside ourselves, we really didn't know quite how to digest it and I don't think we have figured it out to this day."

"Italian food for many reasons has never been perceived as being capable or deserving, at least in the Manhattan community, of a 4-star rating."

-- Mark Ladner, Executive Chef of Del Posto Restaurant

"I started making desserts completely by accident, it was never a planned thing."

"When it comes down to it, the guest who comes in isn't looking to check out the ego of a kitchen, they just want to have an awesome time."

"My desserts are completely Italian, though they might not be something you'd see in Italy. The inspiration, flavors and presentation are 100% Italian. I've never worked in anything but an Italian restaurant, so that's what I know."

-- Brooks Headley, Pastry Chef of Del Posto Restaurant

"When you go out to eat, you're eating with somebody else's palate."

-- Katy Peetz on The Main Course