The "Restaurateur" (denoted by his very own biopic), Danny Meyer is one of New York's greatest culinary leaders. As CEO of Union Square Hospitality, a restaurant group that's redefined dining in the city, along side President and Director of Culinary Development, Michael Romano. Their first collaboration, Union Square Cafe opened in 1984, Michael joining in ‘88 and six months later garnering a 3 star NYTimes review, has endured almost 30 years in one of the hardest industries around. On today's installment of THE FOOD SEEN, find out why their brand of haute cuisine-meets-hospitality is still ahead of the curve. Now with over a dozen Shake Shack locations in the USA, and half a dozen overseas (Dubai, Kuwait City, Doha, Abu Dhabi), and Creative Juice, a new healthy concept cafe, Creative Juice, inside Equinox gyms, how does USHG keep the same food and service ideals relevant? This episode of has been sponsored by 360 Cookware.


"It's not a badge that you wear on your shirt - 'I use seasonal produce' - that's just how it's done!" [17:00]

"No matter how good it tastes, nothing will ever satisfy your soul in the absence of hospitality." [21:40]

One innovation that Union Square Café brought about, that we absolutely continued at Gramercy Tavern, was to bring women into the equation of a three-star dining experience." [25:20]

"Whoever wrote the rule that hedonism and health can't be a part of the same sentence?" [55:40]

-- Danny Meyer on THE FOOD SEEN

"It's about the guest's experience. They're coming to our restaurant, we're cooking them a meal. I want to make sure that everyone has a good time." [25:45]

"Where is this food coming from? Is it cerebral? Is it textbook? Or is the person cooking really connecting with the food?" [38:00]

-- Michael Romano on THE FOOD SEEN